Finally Beginning


Hello, everyone and YAY!

I finally started on a journal to be able to track or take note of my improvement (if I do improve :|). Hopefully I do improve so that I can present better art works in the future. Anyway, today I want to show you the very first page of my journal. It’s a watercolor galaxy inspired by a watercolor workshop I attended a week ago or so. I used the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set for the first time. I wasn’t used to the feel to be honest since I use Prang Watercolors for practice since they weren’t as expensive. The Kuretake colors were thicker or denser compared to Prang. Thankfully, the end result wasn’t as bad and hopefully won’t be as bad in the future.

For the watercolor calligraphy, I used Zig White Ink. I also used this ink for the stars. It was easy to use since after putting water in the bottle the ink turns to liquid after shaking, making it very convenient to use immediately.


Hope you guys have fun trying this out as well. Maybe if I become better, I can post simple steps on how I do my watercolor galaxy. Ü



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